Comfort Keys

Comfort Keys

Comfort Keys is an advanced hotkey manager for Windows OS
Comfort Keys v9.1
19 Nov 2020
Comfort Keys v9.0
11 Sep 2018
Comfort Keys v7.4
23 Nov 2015
Comfort Keys v5.1
21 Nov 2011
Comfort Keys v5.0
17 Jun 2011
Comfort Keys v4.3
7 Nov 2010
Comfort Keys v4.1
8 May 2010
Comfort Keys v4.0
7 Dec 2009
Comfort Keys v3.6
15 Apr 2009
Comfort Keys v3.5
21 Dec 2008
Comfort Keys v3.2
16 Dec 2008
Comfort Keys v3.1
4 Aug 2008
Comfort Keys v3.0
2 Apr 2008
Comfort Keys v2.0
2 Mar 2008

What's new

v5.0 [17 Jun 2011]
Changes in this version:
# Added protection from accidental deletion of favorites in the clipboard manager.
# Users can now specify a color (category) for any saved fragment in the clipboard manager.
# Added automatic recovery of preview files in the clipboard manager.
# Added new on-screen keyboard settings: (Pro Edition) 1. Move the keyboard to a screen border.
2. Animate the launch of the on-screen keyboard: slide up or down.
3. Type characters when keys are released.
4. Show a tip over a pressed character key.
5. Show key characters in the UPPER CASE.
# Added new "Typing aid" parameters for the on-screen keyboard:
1. Repeat delay (msec).
2. Repeat rate (characters per second).
3. Double taping the space bar will insert a period followed by a space.
# Added an ability to control the on-screen keyboard from HTML in FireFox, Chrome and Opera. (Pro Edition)
# Added a new function: "Install FireFox (Chrome, Opera) Extension". (Pro Edition)
# Added an ability to set borders for the picture on the key. (Pro Edition)
# Added a new "Security" group: (Pro Edition)
1. Added a new setting for the clipboard manager: "Delete fragments from history before shutdown: all fragments, fragments resembling passwords".
2. Added a new autocomplete function setting: "Disable the autocomplete function when entering passwords".
# Added an ability to change key descriptions in the keyboard editing mode. (Pro Edition)
# Added a new setting for 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and Vista: "Show an on-screen keyboard before logon".
# When using an on-screen keyboard with a touch screen, the arrow keys work as a D-pad.
# Added Undo and Redo buttons to the on-screen keyboard editing form. (Pro Edition)
# Added a new setting for text templates: "Show hint when keyword is found".
# Added new actions "Change the default playback device", "Change the default recording device".
# Added an ability to specify folder for action "Run program".
# Added an ability to specify the name of file with shortcuts for action "Activate the Next Keyboard Shortcuts File".
# Improved compatibility with Internet Explorer 9 and WPF applications.
# Fixed toolbar flickering on the taskbar. (Pro Edition)
# Fixed bugs that occurred if no explorer.exe process was found.
# Fixed the function for deleting all saved fragments in the clipboard manager.
# Fixed a bug in the autocomplete feature some languages.
# Lots of other fixes and improvements.

v3.0 [2 Apr 2008]
+ Added new actions:
+ Connect/Disconnect from a network;
+ Eject/Close CD Door;
+ Lock, Log Off, Restart, Sleep, Hibernate, Shut Down a computer;
+ Monitor power on/off, Start screen saver, Open window "Display Settings";
+ Open window "Safely Remove Hardware";
+ Open Control Panel etc.

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